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Premium Vape Pods

Cutting-edge technology

at your fingertips

Ceramic FEELM 4.0 Atomiser

Finer atomisation (0.01mm) of nicotine salt allows the oil to be encased by heat, leading to a richer and smoother taste.

350mAh Battery

Enjoy a full day of vaping from a 45 minute charge time. Voltage control technology allows for consistent, satisfying hits without overheating.

Thoughtful Design

With 4 layers of leakage prevention, magnetic lock technology and an aluminium frosted surface, a device has never felt so good in your hand. 


Plug and play. Simple to use without buttons. 

45 Minute Fully Charged

350mAh battery for a full day of vaping.

Fingerprint Prevention

Aluminium frosted casing keeps the surface clear at all times.

FEELM 4.0 Ceramic

Richer and smoother taste, greater and more satisfying hits.

8 Flavours

Tasty, authentic flavours for a satisfying hit, every time.

1.2ml E-juice Capacity

Enjoy a single pod for up to 400 puffs.

4 Levels of Leakage Protection

No Leaking. Say goodbye to “Oil taste”


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